Sirrfillsirr lead by Isa Kamari, T:zi and Mohd Khair Mohd Yasin have released their 2nd album titled KURNIA with an album of 10 songs and 3 music videos titled Hujan Di Arafah, Lorong Wahyu and Cinta Kemboja all based on poetry. This album was launched at the Arts House on 24th October 09 in conjunction with the Singapore Writers Festival. A combination works of SukmaIsa Concept Power House, Hazelbayu Productions and Dondang Music.

Lyric - Isa Kamari
Melody - Mohd Khair Mohd Yasin
Music Arrangement - T:zi

Executive Producer : Dr. Sukmawati Sirat
Producer : Sirrfillsirr
Recording Studio : Hazelbayu Productions
Mixing/Mastering : Hazelbayu Productions
Music Video : Hazelbayu Productions
Marketing : Kalung Network
Photography : Din
Design & Concept : Iman/Din

With The Support Of National Arts Council

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